Bobby Genovese is the founder of BG Capital Group Limited and BG Capital Management Corporation, both based in The Bahamas, with associate management offices in Barbados and Fort Lauderdale. In 2013, Bobby launched BG Signature, a global portfolio of private retreats that includes BG Ocala Ranch in Ocala, Florida, an 85-acre, world-class equestrian center. Bobby has a lifelong love of boats — his diverse collection includes Miss Canada III: 1939; Miss Canada IV: 1950; The Rambler: 1903; and BG Charade, a classic 154-foot Feadship formerly owned by Microsoft cofounder, Paul Allen, which Bobby purchased in 2015 and recently refit. In everything Bobby does, his mission is the same: To connect people with one another, with new experiences and with possibility. And most important, to have as much fun as humanly possible while doing all of the above.

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