About BG Capital

Established in 1996, BG Capital Group specializes in partnering with small to mid-cap clients. With over 20 years of investment experience including in-depth marketing expertise, BG Capital Group has a track record of successfully identifying promising new enterprises. Our approach to each investment opportunity is simple: while we investigate opportunities within virtually every sector of the North American economy, we focus on companies which are cash flow positive, have annual revenues of $15 to $50 million and enterprises values of above $25 million. Each company must also have a solid management team with a history of proven success.

BG Capital Group is a multi-national business and asset consolidator focused on small to mid-cap growth opportunities. The Company provides professional, highly experienced and qualified oversight to a number of the portfolio companies. In our management style we prefer to work with companies’ existing management and provide a high degree of autonomy. BG Capital Group participates within all levels of the capital stack, providing the necessary funding for portfolio companies to “get to the next level.”