Superyacht Summit: Super Takeaways from the Owners Panel

  • April 9, 2021

Bobby Genovese in action at the USSA’s Superyacht Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida (photo: © Billy Black)

What a pleasure to see all the fine folks at the USSA’s Superyacht Summit last month in West Palm Beach.

It was also a lot of fun to share the stage with three fantastic gentlemen and passionate boat owners—Carl Allen (M/Y Gigi), Brian Schmitt (M/Y H2) and John Staluppi (M/Y Quantum of Solace)—for a free-flowing discussion about all the things no one ever tells you about owning a superyacht.

No, it’s not all exotic locales and five-star dinners. There’s a ton of planning, decision-making and action that happens year-round to literally keep a boat afloat. And that’s not even taking into account external forces like global pandemics.

If you’re even remotely interested in the yachting life, I highly encourage you to watch the replay of this panel discussion for firsthand, expert perspectives on topics such as:

  • The impact of Covid
  • Where to do refits and builds
  • How to select crews—and keep them happy
  • To charter or not to charter (and a veteran tip about mattresses)
  • The secret to getting a submarine, helicopter and car (!) on a 110-foot catamaran
  • What one owner found treasure hunting (spoiler alert: a 16th century enema kit, I kid you not!)

Seeing everyone at this event and participating in this panel discussion made me miss my crew and my boat even more. I can’t wait for the recently refitted BG Charade to arrive in Florida in May after being stuck in Thailand for the past 14 months.

Here’s to new adventures on the horizon!