Staying Safe, Strong and Resilient

  • August 1, 2020

Never before in my lifetime has the world experienced a  more significant crisis than the one we are facing now — especially with this scale and breadth. As I write this, thousands of people have died — a number that, sadly, grows higher each day — as doctors attempt to treat the sick and dying while scientists race to find a cure. 

I want to give personal thanks to those doctors and nurses, caregivers and first responders — people working on the front lines and putting their lives at risk every day to help others — and scientists and researchers working around the clock to find a cure. All of their efforts cannot be celebrated enough. I urge everyone to support their local community in any way they can.

I am also moved by the many acts of altruism and generosity shown by our colleagues and neighbors throughout every sector of the economy. When people unite in a common cause, great things can happen — reminding me of the power that we each possess to affect great change.

On the business front, companies both large and small, have closed their doors to stem the tide of this worldwide pandemic. Hardly an industry has been left untouched. The need to persevere through these difficult days has never been greater — to persevere with the knowledge that we will emerge stronger than before.

Within our BG Capital Group family of companies we are working hard to support team members by diversifying positions to preserve as many jobs as possible until the all-clear has sounded. 

At our BG Ocala Ranch we’ve moved steadily forward with our most ambitious renovation ever, giving new life to our Great House, guest cottages, Farm House and equestrian facilities. We’re excited to welcome the next generation of guests and look forward to a terrific season.

Our designers and engineers have taken inspiration from the neighboring World Equestrian Center that is slated to be fully open next year. An unprecedented milestone for Ocala, this 1,000 acre, indoor/outdoor, world-class equestrian sports venue will be the United State’s largest and feature state of the art amenities that can accommodate numerous disciplines within the equine Industry. When complete it will represent an unparalleled economic boost for the region.

But, as bright a future as this signals, we are living through one of the most trying times in modern history that is compelling us to face this challenge with intelligence, compassion and faith. 

And until the end of this pandemic we must continue to support one another, stay strong and safe, and never lose hope. 

That, I believe, is our greatest strength.

Bobby Genovese