Here’s to Earth Day, Blue Skies and Open Waters

  • April 22, 2021

You can feel it in the air. Optimism. Hope. Possibility.

I fully realize we’re still dealing with high levels of uncertainty and anxiety around the world. The situation is fluid. But as more vaccines continue to find their way into more arms in more communities and countries, as my friends and family in colder climates start to feel some springtime warmth on their faces, and as Earth Day reminds us all how delicate our planet is and how important it is to protect it, here’s to three things I hope you find in abundance in the coming months:

1. Blue skies: It seems like all of us have spent a lifetime indoors and online over the past year. The great outdoors awaits — let’s get at it! We already know being in nature is good for us in so many ways, mental and physical. On a not-so-literal related note, we could all benefit from more “blue-skying” as well — stepping back from the day-to-day distractions to think creatively, brainstorm fearlessly.

2. Open waters: It doesn’t matter if I’m on a stand-up paddleboard or something slightly larger (shameless plug here for BG Charade, which I can’t wait to hop aboard this summer), there’s no more peaceful or powerful place than the water. No wonder it’s an ancient symbol of life, renewal and transformation. In whatever “new normal” we find ourselves in, I challenge all of us to push ourselves to see beyond our familiar shorelines and islands. The open water is where the real magic happens, where possibility stretches as wide as the horizon.

3. Silver linings: Although the world has endured more than a year of isolation, in many ways we’ve never been more deeply connected to one another. That’s a silver lining, as is the deeper appreciation we hold for our first responders and for our own frontline heroes — our spouses, partners, kids, friends, family members, neighbors…

As we celebrate Earth Day today, let’s never forget how short our time is on this crazy, magnificent, spinning rock. Let’s double down on our efforts to respect and care for Mother Earth (I’m particularly passionate about land preservation). Let’s vow to retain that sense of gratitude we’re feeling right now. And let’s constantly remind ourselves: Who has more FUN than us?

See you soon, hopefully in person.